This past weekend Tootrillx pulled up downtown RVA to the Camel to check out The Rice God & Friends Fall Festival thrown by none other than the Rice God himself, Noah O. It was an amazing show with a stacked line up full of some of the cities best artists. With a full house and a dope vibe numerous artists graced the stage and put on showing off their styles and individually. Fans old and new gathered around the stage and enjoyed the music all night. Artists like PT Vell grabbed our attention early on in his performance and then later on Noah hit the stage and gave little game. Remember, it's not all about going viral because that isn't always the case. Don't forget to put the work in behind the scenes! We certainly enjoyed ourselves Sunday night, make sure you all keep your eyes open for Noah's next show and don't forget to go follow him on instagram so you can keep up with his new and upcoming music and events. 
Instagram: @Chargedupnoaho
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